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Successfully Engage with Your Contacts

Smarter campaigns lead to more successful engagements. Simply dialing through a list as quickly as possible will not yield the best engagement on calls. CallTools offers a variety of options to help manage your campaigns for better connections with your customers and prospects. From the start of the first call to your final interaction, the CallTools Power Contact Center was designed to nurture your contacts throughout the process.

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We Integrate with Industry Leaders

Active Prospects
Google Sheets
Microsoft Dynamics
Click Funnels
Go High Level

A Simple User Interface with Added Functionality

Campaigns & Queues

Contact Overlay

SMS & History Details

Web Phone

Incoming calls connect seamlessly to our integrated web phone, even with active dialing campaigns.

Built-In CRM

CRM built into the software helps manage contacts and organize campaign efforts.

SMS with Templates

Send a custom SMS message with attachments or use a SMS template created beforehand.


Joining and exiting campaigns is quick and easy for agents, one button gets you started right away.

Number Details

Simple icons quickly show when a number is a mobile phone or on the Federal DNC or company DNC.

Contact Toolbar

Compose an email or SMS, schedule appointments, and view all activity in the contact toolbar.


Incoming call queues allow agents to join and exit quickly, expanding your inbound capabilities instantly.

Dozens of Integrations

Push contact details to your third-party CRM, view their business on Google Maps, and more.

Detailed History

See every interaction with a contact. Our detailed history quickly shows recent calls, SMS, emails and more.

Everything starts with the agent experience. Simple enough to get started right away, yet advanced enough to handle all aspects of client interaction. Your agents will provide data that can elevate your campaigns and improve engagement.

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Experience the Difference

Improved Call Management

Improved Call Management

Smarter call management features keep contacts engaged without intruding, leading to less blocked phone numbers.

Call Reputation Monitoring

Call Reputation Monitoring

We monitor and maintain the reputation of your phone numbers to improve connectivity through higher answer rates.

Manager Seat Cost

No Manager Seat Cost

Cloud-based, hosted solutions offer speed and reliability, as well as simple and affordable setup and maintenance.

No Long Distance Fees

Manager seat is included with purchase, allowing you to monitor your contact center’s performance in real-time.

Cloud Based Software

Cloud Based Software

No additional fees when you use the platform as virtual call center software to keep all your agents connected.

Third Party Integrations

Third Party Integrations

Cloud-based, hosted solutions offer speed and reliability, as well as simple and affordable setup and maintenance.

Power Contact Center

The CallTools Power Contact Center

A Manageable Approach to Contact Center Software

Maximize agent productivity at your call center with a solution that manages your calls for success from beginning to end. Better campaigns start with improved contact management, smarter calling lists, redundant redial rules and abundant automations.

Lower the chance of blocked calls with suppression rules designed to alleviate disruptive calling behaviors automatically. Protect your reputation with caller ID auditing, allowing you to swap out bad caller IDs quickly.

See What People Think About Us

We’ve tested multiple dialers available on the market. This is one is the one you want for your business.

– Tim N. –

One of the best dialer’s I have used with a lot of options and highly detailed. Great staff and tech team.

– Lahra W. –

I have to say the product is great, but more importantly the people, specifically my AE. He is a true professional.

– Jason M. –