March 8, 2017

5 Tips to Write the Best Cold Calling Script

Creating a successful cold calling script is necessary for any business with outbound dialing. Having the knowledge to create the best cold call script will propel your agents beyond their current abilities. Every agent worries about being annoying when making cold calls. It’s not easy to face rejection time after time and not feel like a nuisance.

How can you write the best cold calling script without being annoying? Though they are rarely invited, you can reduce prospect frustration with various practices. These are five things to keep in mind when writing which is a necessity if you want to succeed without being annoying.

1. Be honest

Honesty is the first key to writing the best cold calling script without being annoying. It doesn’t matter the industry you are in or the individual you speak with; all sales scripts should be based in truth. The primary aim for a cold call script is to get an appointment but you can only do this after building trust. If you do not build rapport from the start, the client will not be interested in the sale.

Many telemarketers lie their way through to the decision makers. It is a common practice, unfortunately. However, what do you do if you arrive at the top and cannot carry out the empty promises you made to get yourself there in the first place? It’s easy for a prospect to know when you’re making annoying, oversized claims about your product or service.

When you are honest and can fulfill every claim you make, you heighten your credibility. People work with people they trust. Basing a business relationship immediately off of lies helps no one. Avoid annoying your prospects with bold and unbacked promises that both of you know will never happen.

2. Focus on them

Keep the focus on your prospects at all times. During your introduction, throughout the main body of your pitch, and even in your closing. When you focus on the prospect and not yourself or your company, they are more likely to listen and less likely to find you annoying. By phrasing your pitch with attention to how you will help them your response rate will be higher.

People are selfish by nature. Nothing annoys a prospect more than hearing about all the features of your product or service. They do not care. What they do care about is how you can help change their life, the way they do business, or how their work gets done. When you can provide life-altering benefits through your offer, prospects will respond.

Keep this in mind when writing your cold calling script. Find places throughout your writing where you can hone in on the benefits for the prospect rather than the features of the product.

3. Tell a story

By telling a story you can encourage the prospect down the funnel and to the appropriate party. When you take them on a journey along with you, they will react more in line with how you want them to. Listening to a story is much less annoying than listening to a sales pitch. You receive a much better response and avoid driving your prospect crazy listening to just another sales call.

When you are cold calling, oftentimes prospects have little to no initial interest in the product or service you have to offer. Your job is to spark that interest and encourage them to take action. Human beings respond emotionally to stories and are more likely to react when emotionally involved.

Writing a story to bring the prospect in will help you produce the best cold calling script. Tell them a story about what their life will look like once they purchase or enroll in your product or service. Do not tell them a story about how your company came into business or why you’re in sales. This does not interest them! Instead, explain the changes they will see, the people they will meet, the places their business will go. This is what they truly care about.

4. Segment your scripts

Another way to avoid being annoying on cold calls is to segment your scripts. If you are speaking to a receptionist with a pitch intended for someone at the C-level, you will be both annoying them and wasting their time. Similarly, if you’re speaking to the CFO with a pitch geared for a receptionist, they will hang up.

By segmenting your scripts you make sure you deliver the right message at the right time. Preparing multiple scripts to switch up depending on who you speak to is an absolute necessity. You appear more prepared and the prospect will have a more positive response.

5. Master your scripts

The biggest goal you have when working with the best cold calling scripts is to sound like you are not using a script. Talking with someone who is clearly bound by a script is annoying. When you are able to converse naturally while still guiding them through your scripted journey you have reached the level to strive.

Mastery only comes with practice and repetition. Work with fellow cold calling agents as well as practicing intentionally while on the phone with your clients. When you can deliver a script without sounding like you’re on a script, you’ll receive the best results.

How to Have the Best Cold Calling Script

With all of these factors in mind, it’s time to sit down and write a script. The best cold calling script is built from the strongest parts of your strongest calls. If you notice a particular word or phrase worked with multiple prospects, include it. Use call recordings to find out on which calls you performed your best and draw from them.

Cold calling scripts keep you on the topic of conversation when speaking with prospects. By using a script you have less chance of speaking aimlessly or making promises you cannot keep. When you use it in combination with a predictive dialer, which keeps you on the phone at all times, keeping your conversation on topic is important.

Using a dialer also helps you reach a greater amount of prospects in a smaller amount of time, essential for cold calling. The best cold calling scripts in combination with the best dialer can double the number of prospects you speak with.

Remember to:

  1. Remain honest with your prospects.
  2. Keep the focus of conversation on them and their problems.
  3. Engage them by telling a story about them.
  4. Segment your scripts to deliver the right message.
  5. Memorize and master your script delivery.

Following these practices will help you write the best scripts possible for warming up prospective clients! Be sure to load you scripts into cold calling software for the most effective response.

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