September 6, 2017

Launching Business SMS for Contact Centers

Americans send 6 billion text messages every single day. 97% of smartphone owners send a text message at least once per week. And SMS messaging has a 98% open rate, usually within 3 minutes of receiving the message. Is your business taking advantage of these results?

Business SMS for Contact Centers is the newest addition to the cloud-based contact center platform. Texting is quickly taking over as a preferred method for quick communication. To keep up, make use of a texting app for business, the next step towards maximizing your customer experience.

Give agents the ability send and receive text messages to individual customers directly from the dashboard. SMS messaging looks similar to a typical instant messaging platform on the agent side, keeping everything quick and easy to use. From the customer’s side, messages look like any other text message they receive every day.

Integrating Features to Maximize Client and Customer Experience is built for use as a full-fledged contact center and sales force automation system. Incorporating Business SMS messaging provides you with another option when interacting with customers, allowing you an additional way to reach customers the way they prefer to be contacted.

Customer resource management is a vital component in maintaining relationships and improving customer experience. Maximize contact with your customers through the use of a texting app for your business.

To find out more about Business SMS for Contact Centers or for any other questions you have about the platform, reach out to a representative at 1 (800) 679-1637.

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