June 30, 2015

How Call Centers Benefit From CRM Software


Running a call center requires the right tools in order to guarantee a high level of satisfaction for your customers. Here are some ways in which call centers can benefit from the use of CRM software.

1.Tracking Customer History

With CRM software, call center agents have all of the call history about every caller available prior to the start of the call. This allows agents to have a better understanding of customer needs so that calls can be answered quickly and accurately. By having this information available, call center agents can also reduce customer frustrations caused by having to re-explain previously addressed concerns or repeat basic contact information prior to explaining the reason for the current call.

2.Up-to-Date Customer Profiles

CRM software enables call centers to create up-to-date profiles on all customers. The demographic data that is gathered is useful for marketing purposes, such as sending customer-specific promotions. Customer profile information can be also be used for analysis purposes in order to learn where complaints and calls to call center agents are most likely to arise.

3.Strategic Planning

CRM software is useful in helping call centers to strategically plan. With CRM software, most call center agent activities are tracked. Companies can then use this information to develop agent training sessions based on CRM reported agent performance. In addition, CRM software for call centers makes segmenting agents by skill sets easier than ever. Delegating calls to various agents based on skill sets, rather than call sequence, has been proven to deliver a higher level of satisfaction for customers.

4.Eliminates Manual Tasks

Call center agents can only effectively do their jobs when mundane manual tasks are eliminated from the equation. By using CRM software, call center agents no longer have to perform manual data entry. In addition, calls can automatically be routed to the appropriate agents, saving time and reducing call wait times for customers. CRM software allows agents to focus on the most important thing, which is providing excellent customer service.

5.Transferring Calls

In some cases, calls may need to be escalated or transferred to another agent. With CRM software, agents can easily switch the call to another agent. The new agent will automatically be provided with a complete customer history and a summary of the progress of the call thus far. This makes transferring calls seamless and less painful for the customer on the other end that is waiting for assistance.

6.Integration With Other Business Software

Most call center CRM software is designed to integrate with other business software. This makes the process of upgrading legacy software less difficult. CRM software also eliminates, the redundant actions of opening multiple systems to find customer information. Integrations, typically done via API, also make it possible for companies to push call center data to any application of their choosing. Now companies can better integrate related departments, including sales and marketing, thanks to call center CRM software.

7.CRM Software Updates Happen Automatically

When a new version of the CRM software is released, the updates will happen automatically. Most CRM software programs are cloud-based so that the data is always securely stored and maintained. When upgrades happen, the existing data is simply transferred to the new version of the software with little to no manual intervention. This makes staying on top of the latest technologies easy.

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