March 21, 2017 Rolls Out System Hotkeys

Last week, announced the release of hotkeys, or keyboard shortcuts, for vision-impaired and colorblind customers. The hotkeys created allow you to hang up calls, change your agent status, and scroll through preview dialer customer popups.

The industry is moving away from physical switchboards and telephones to entirely technological communication. VoIP phones are common and call center software is transferring into the cloud. It may seem working in a present-day call center as a vision-impaired employee would be next to impossible. However, is working to make call centers more accessible by adding tools like hotkeys to the agent dashboard.

Everyone should have the opportunity to work at the job of their choosing. makes it possible for those with sight difficulties to work in a call center. Hotkeys make it simple to navigate your workday, even if you’re a person who simply prefers to use keyboard shortcuts.

As for the functioning of the hotkeys, it is important to keep in mind that where you click in the agent dashboard will affect their functioning.

Hang-Up Call: alt + h

Status Change
Available: alt + a
Not Available: alt + n
On Lunch: alt + l
On Break: alt + b

When using Preview Dialer popups:

Next Lead: alt + (right arrow key)
Call Lead: alt + c

If you employ visually-impaired employees, provides an incredible platform that anyone can use. As we integrate additional features the platform will only become more accessible and easy to use.

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