June 16, 2015

How to Increase Your Call Center Productivity

call center productivity

Improving the productivity of your call agents really only requires a few basic changes that will dramatically change the ways in which your agents work. By focusing on better performance, your team can also improve customer satisfaction, leading to fewer unsatisfied customers and faster service. Here are some changes that you can make to increase your call center productivity.

1.Use Automation

Eliminating manual tasks from the workflows of your call center agents can dramatically improve the productivity of your agents. Cloud software solutions can help you to automate tasks, such as call routing and SMS routing. Implementing a predictive dialer can allow your call center agents to eliminate the time spent on manually dialing the phone and waiting for someone to answer the call.

2.Avoid Downtime With a Hosted Solution

With a Hosted PBX, you will have someone available to take calls after business hours. This means that your call center agents will be available around the clock to answer calls. Missing calls due to limited hours of operation is not an option, if you want your team to achieve maximum productivity.

3.Invest in Quality Control

Providing agents with metrics in real-time can allow them to make better decisions when they take calls. With real-time metrics, each agent can compare his or her performance to co-workers. Agents can boost performance in order to meet benchmarks set by call center managers. Real-time access to call metrics can help your team to become more motivated.

4.Improve Your Customer Feedback System

What your customers think of the support that your company provides determines your key performance indicators. Improve your customer feedback system so that it collects actionable metrics for your call center agents.

5.Give Agents Comprehensive Customer Information

Agents should have all of the information that they need about every caller available so that they can resolve customer issues faster. Comprehensive customer information decreases the number of repeat calls to your call center about the same issues. Customers have high expectations for phone support and it is up to your agents to deliver the service that customers need quickly and accurately.

6.Increase Job Satisfaction With Incentives

Creating an incentive program can help to motivate your employees to reach performance goals. Agents want the opportunity to develop their skills and incentive programs that provide rewards in the form of career progression will resonate with your agents. Allow your agents to take ownership of their career development and give them with the tools needed to go to the next level.

7.Determine Skill Sets

It is important to determine the skill sets of your agents. By routing calls based on skill sets, rather than agent availability, you can improve productivity. Take time to learn about the skills that each agent possesses so that calls can always be sent to the agent that is best suited for resolving a specific issue. As a result, you will see an improvement in customer satisfaction.

8.Regular Training

An initial training session at the start of the job is simply not enough. In order for your agents to do their jobs effectively, training should be performed on a regular schedule. Making time for training sessions can also help you to uncover which items in your call center workflows present problems for your agents. Opting for a few days, every few months to train your agents on proper call escalation and first call resolution can make all of the difference in your call center productivity.

These tips will help to increase productivity in your call center but utilizing cloud based call center software will make it easier to keep track of everything. See how our calling solution handles everything for you while increasing productivity instantly.

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