December 2, 2015

How to Write Effective Cold Calling Scripts

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Most call centers use call scripts that tell agents exactly what to say to callers and how they should say it. However, in order to be effective call centers need to select call scripts that will elicit the desired responses from customers. The goal of any call center agent should be to provide a thorough response to customer concerns and spark interest from the customer while also providing prompt and friendly service.

Should You Use Call Center Scripts At All?

According to industry research, most callers actually prefer calls that are unscripted. However, when your agents have many calls to address, answering calls without a script is simply not feasible because reducing call times should be the primary concern. Instead, you should work on developing effective cold calling scripts that sound as natural as possible.

People call support numbers because they want to speak with a human being. As a result, listening to some read a script or receiving a response that is obviously standardized is likely to make the customer upset. Using call center scripts in the wrong instances can actually cause your business to lose the customer and may also damage your business’s online reputation. Poor service can also result in your company receiving negative reviews online.

Even if you provide your agents with a script for cold calling, the agents should be allowed to put the information into their own words. This will allow the script to sound more natural and is also more likely to result in a positive response from your existing or potential customers. Ultimately, using call center scripts effectively is about making sure that the agent is confident about what he or she is saying. Scripts should be used to build knowledge about products and services while also addressing the needs of the customer.

Here are the most important elements of effective call center scripts and some examples:

1) Be Polite

Above all else, call center scripts should sound fairly polite. Using “please” and “thank you” frequently are the best ways to demonstrate that the agent has respect for the caller. Using a polite, calm tone can also help to diffuse the situation if the customer is angry or impatient.

2) Show Empathy

Showing empathy for the caller is a great way to establish a connection with the customer because it shows that the agent genuinely cares about the customers concerns.

3) Be Flexible

The best call center scripts allow for flexibility so that call center agents can respond individually to customer concerns. In other words, the best cold call script should make it possible for the agent to listen to the customer’s concerns while still providing the appropriate responses.

4) Personalize Scripts

While using the customer’s name is generally recommended, personalizing a cold calling script template with customer information is the best way to build trust with a customer from the start. Customers don’t want to have to explain their issues over and over when they call your business. Instead, they expect that your agents already know about their concerns. An early warning about the reason why the customer is calling can also help the agent to escalate the case promptly if needed.

Finding the best cold calling scripts for your company depends on your needs. However, cold calling scripts should generally be brief and to the point. Today, we will look at cold calling scripts for the real estate and financial planning industries.

Real Estate Cold Calling Scripts

Finding real estate leads over the phone is easier when you have sample cold calling scripts that your agents can use to weed out those individuals that are interested in what your company offers versus those that are not. It takes just a few seconds to build rapport with a caller when done correctly.

Here are two real estate cold call script examples that your agents can use:

Looking for Sellers

This script is designed to help you find local sellers. It will also help to establish your company as a local business that is interested in working with local home sellers.

Hello, this is Bob Smith with Bob Smith Real Estate Agency. I’m calling because our agency has several buyers that are looking for homes in your neighborhood. Are you thinking about selling at some point in the new future? [PAUSE] I understand if you are not looking to sell right now. Do you know of anyone that might be interested in buying or selling sometime soon?

Thanks so much for speaking with me today, _________. Enjoy your [day/afternoon/evening].

Looking for Homebuyers

This script is designed to help you identify local homebuyers. It will also help to establish your company as an established real estate business with a proven track record.

Hello, this is Bob Smith with Bob Smith Real Estate Agency. My company just listed a home for sale at [ADDRESS]. It has ___ bedrooms and ___ baths and the listing price is $_____. I was wondering who do you know that would like to move into our area? Great, when do you plan on moving?

Thanks so much for speaking with me today, _________. Enjoy your [day/afternoon/evening].

Ok, when would be the best time to discuss your move? Tuesday or Wednesday at 5 pm?

Cold Calling Scripts for Financial Advisors

For financial advisors, it is important to get to the point quickly when making cold calls. Potential clients are busy and don’t have time to waste with companies that have nothing of value to offer them.

Here are two brief cold call sales script ideas that you can use to establish the reason why you are calling quickly and demonstrate to the potential client that you are not going to waste his or her time.

This script is to help call center agents follow up on new accounts at a financial planning firm.

Hello, this message is for _________. This is Richard Jennings calling from MRC Financial Corp in Los Angeles. I am a financial advisor and I would like to introduce myself and also set up a time to talk with you about our services and to discuss your financial goals.

Please give me a call back at (555) 555-5555. Have a good [day/afternoon/evening].

This cold call script sample is designed to help financial planning companies re-engage with inactive clients.

_________, this is Richard Jennings calling from MRC Financial Corp in Los Angeles. You don’t know me and you don’t have any reason to call me back. However, here’s what I know: it’s been five years since you have been an active client with our company. If by any chance your needs for financial planning aren’t being met, I’d like the opportunity to be of service to you. I can offer you a free portfolio review so that you can get to know me and I can show you what I can offer you. There is no obligation for you to use our services. However, you can be assured that I will not waste your time if we speak. Thanks for taking the time to listen to what I have to say. My personal mobile number is (555) 555-5555. I can take your call at any time, day or evening.

These are just a few ideas to help you get started. Writing an effective cold calling script means that you will have to design a script that works well with the personalities of your agents. You should also have your agents practice the script before trying it with actual customers. Make sure that your agents have full access to your marketing materials so that they can also familiarize themselves with the products and services that your company offers.

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