August 30, 2016

How to Increase Sales Performance Using Software as a Service

increase sales performance

If your company is facing pressure to perform, and to drive sales revenue, it is time to look to the cloud.  By utilizing the latest online tools your sales reps can spend less time in the minutiae and more time selling to customers.

Your company can benefit from using software as a service because it is available exactly when you need it.  This on-demand software allows your sales team to access the support and tools necessary to become more successful without a significant up-front investment of time or money.

3 Keys to Increasing Sales with SaaS

Culture, goals, strategy, leadership, and software can all come together to help your sales team to close more sales and grow their pipeline.

#1 Value the employee experience.

Taking a step back to understand and appreciate what your employees experience day-to-day can help you to identify changes that can take place in order to make it easier for them to achieve greater levels of success.  For example, if you find that your employees are spending a significant amount of time managing paperwork, or typing notes into a CRM, utilizing a fully integrated SaaS solution can save them time.  By alleviating the simple (but time-consuming) tasks, you can create more time for your employees to connect with customers.

#2 Hire the best talent to begin with.

If you are experiencing difficulty hiring quality talent in your geographic area, cloud based call center software will allow you to extend your search throughout the country.  Our telephony solution allows you to have employees located anywhere, as long as they have access to an internet connection.  This means that you can hire the best talent by adding the incentive of allowing them to work from home.

#3 Provide immediate feedback.

Too many managers wait to provide feedback until the end of a sales campaign or during reviews.  At this point your team will have already succeeded or failed. Any feedback will be too late for that specific quarter. By using our software as a service, you can see results in real-time.  It is easy to track things like how long each agent is spending on the phone, how many calls they are taking, and even what the results of the call were.  By comparing various agents, you can identify successful behaviors and share them with the team.  With real-time analytics you can make a true and immediate impact on employee performance.

How Does SaaS Software Work?

Instead of purchasing and maintaining your own software, software as a service (SaaS) is a model where you can lease software that is located on a server in the cloud. You can access it through a computer connected to the internet without needing to install software on each individual computer.  A perfect example would be sending email using Gmail (cloud-based) vs. Microsoft Outlook that was installed on your computer.

With SaaS, there is nothing to install, update, manage, delete, or maintain.  All you need to do is login to the application and access the tools you need. This makes it possible to utilize software solutions immediately, rather than waiting for IT support to install a program on your computer.

How Secure is SaaS?

Even though the software is used by multiple businesses, the architecture is designed in a way to keep your individual data completely private and secure. Simultaneously, you can manage who on your team has access to the software and what privileges they have.  These customization abilities are a key benefit to SaaS solutions.

SaaS Can Help Your Company Scale Quickly During Growth

By using a SaaS software, your company can scale quickly in the event that you undergo an expansion.  Whether you need to hire two more people or two hundred, this software solution allows you to grow overnight, without significant capital investment per agent. This can alleviate issues from costs associated with scaling systems to fit team needs, including IT and equipment costs.

#1 Your team can be located anywhere.

With a cloud-based solution, it does not matter if your entire team is located at your headquarters or if you have people working remotely.  With the ability to hire anywhere in the country, you can select the very best talent to add to your team and without the need to be in one physical location, you can hire before securing new office space.

#2 Save your capital for operations.

Instead of investing heavily in phone equipment, you only need to provide each team member with a headset that can be plugged into an inexpensive computer.  As long as the computer is online, they will have everything they need to begin making and taking calls.

Benefits of Using a Cloud Based Solution

When evaluating software solutions, you need to identify ways to increase efficiency without requiring significant maintenance on the back-end.  If a software is valuable to the customer service team but requires significant effort to maintain, you will still be increasing your expenditures.  With a cloud-based SaaS solution compared to an on-premise solution this is not the case.

Our telephony solutions are based in the cloud which means that we maintain them one hundred percent of the time.  If an update needs to be completed, we handle it without requiring assistance from your IT team.  When your call agent’s login the next day, the update will have been completed and everything running smoothly.  Simultaneously, everything is housed on our servers which means that your servers do not need to do any additional work to run the software program, nor would there be any required maintenance associated with doing so. By comparison, if the program was running on your servers, your team would need to continually upgrade the server when the load got too high or replace the equipment as it aged. We provide all of the IT support and servers you will ever need to run your SaaS software, as a result the cost savings to your bottom line is significant when using our cloud-based solution.

Integrating Your SaaS Software with Your CRM

If you are currently using a CRM solution, it can be easily integrated into a cloud-based SaaS software program.  This will further increase the ability of your service and sales team to remain connected to customers, follow-up as necessary, and close sales.  With updates done automatically, once you are synced, we will take care of the rest.

Grow Your Company with Software as a Service

By making it easier for your company to scale and for your employees to close more sales, SaaS is the solution you have been looking for.

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