July 18, 2017

CallTools.com Introduces Interactive Voice Response Capabilities

What is Interactive Voice Response?

The days of a friendly receptionist answering your inbound call are nearing their end.

As large companies receive greater amounts of calls, they opt to simplify the sorting of inbound calls with Interactive Voice Response software.

IVR allows for quick funneling of inbound calls to appropriate departments or specific individuals. This allows agents to spend more time on the phone with actual prospects or customers rather than sorting or placing calls.

Rather than having a receptionist ask, “How may I direct your call?” the IVR system provides a series of options for callers to select from. Based upon the customer’s input, the system directs the call to the appropriate party.

How Can CallTools.com’s IVR Help Your Business?

Saving on employment costs is one of the biggest reasons to implement an IVR into your business. Why pay a receptionist to do a job that can be automated at a faster rate?

Use an IVR to clear up your inbound phone lines while efficiently funnels calls. The software can handle more inbound calls simultaneously than even a small team of well-trained receptionists.

Send inbound calls to a number of different options, including:

  • The inbound agent queue
  • An agent’s direct line or voicemail
  • A specific campaign
  • Forward to a different phone number
  • Another IVR queue
  • Hang up the call entirely

Handle invalid selections or call timeouts with various settings in the dashboard. Despite its simplicity, the Interactive Voice Response feature from CallTools.com is deceivingly powerful.

Speak with a representative today to find out more about IVR on the Predictive Dialer platform from CallTools.com! Learn whether the help of an IVR-equipped predictive dialer can help catapult your business.

See how Call Tools can support your enterprise today!

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