September 8, 2016

A Key Feature Your CRM Software is Missing

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Your CRM tools are only as good as the features they contain and the employees using them. CRM solutions can be incredibly effective and they can be used to help your company achieve greater levels of success by allowing your team to stay organized and in constant contact with your existing or prospective customers. The challenge is that CRM solutions are not integrated correctly much of the time and that makes it difficult to track customer touches. Without your employees constantly updating the CRM software, all you will end up with is an outdated and ineffective database.

The Strengths of Most CRM Software

Whether you use a cloud-based solution like or ZohoCRM or you pay to have GoldMine or Microsoft Dynamics CRM installed on your internal server, your team will have access to a customer relationship management tool that prepares them better to market and sell to specific customers.

CRM tools are excellent for:

  • Storing customer data.
  • Keeping track of interactions (if your employees update it).
  • Generating reports for upper management.
  • Gathering information for new marketing campaigns.
  • Running email campaigns.
  • Project management.
  • And more

Many CRM solutions are even integrating with Outlook, Gmail and Google Docs, which can save time when used correctly.

So, What is Your CRM Lacking?

What CRMs don’t do is make it easy for you to call customers. In fact, you can have all of the customer information at your fingertips and still have to go old-school, grabbing a scratch pad to write down phone numbers, one at a time. Once the call is complete, the CRM needs to be updated to show that it was made and the chances of this happening every time are zero. This creates a significant hole in the functionality of your CRM solution. Some companies have resolved this by purchasing expensive add-ons to the software itself or by sourcing an entirely new CRM solution.  Fortunately, neither is necessary.

Solving the Problem

By using CallTool’s cloud-based contact center solutions, your team can be in your CRM, click a customer phone number and dial out.  It is that simple.  There is no need to export the information or to write down phone numbers.  Your team will love how convenient it is which is likely to lead them to use your CRM more frequently. Essentially, this affordable tool allows your team to contact customers or prospects with their information and history in front of them. It does this while making it simple to keep track of dispositions or what happens on the call.

All managers know that CRM software is likely to go unused if employees find that it is too cumbersome or does not add direct value to their customer interactions.  If something is viewed as slowing down the sales process, employees will avoid it like the plague where tools that make life easier are more likely to be embraced whole-heartedly. With this in mind, if your team is no longer impressed by your current CRM, we encourage you to try adding an outbound dialing solution. Typically, this will turn the tide, causing employees to make the most effective use of the CRM you are paying for and giving you maximum returns on your investment.

The Affordability of Click-to-Dial Call Center Software

It is far less costly to use a cloud-based call center solution than to purchase expensive software add-ons or to scrap your CRM and start over.  The low monthly cost of call center software will be made up for by the increase in productivity as your employees are able to reach more customers in a shorter period of time.

If you are needing to make a change in how your team handles their sales and marketing efforts, you can integrate click-to-call to your customer relationship management tool very quickly.  Signing up is easy and so is the integration.

CallTool’s calling software integrates with all CRMs, including:

  • GoldMine
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • ACT!
  • ZohoCRM
  • SugarCRM
  • Sage CRM
  • And more

Software Continues to Evolve with Business

Sales force automation software is continuing to evolve and to expand on what CRM solutions have traditionally done. Many solutions are able to keep employees and management working together and on the same page in order to more effectively close sales that require a long-term sales cycle.  These software solutions typically include features like automatic follow-up reminders and improved tracking systems.

Connectivity is a goal of most small and large businesses because companies are realizing how critical it is to not only stay in front of customers but to develop a relationship with them that is more likely to create customer loyalty.  There is a significant difference between a customer that knows who you are and one that will come back over and over again. Connectivity is often the deciding factor in how a customer will perceive you.

The Benefits of Calling Directly from Your CRM

By adding a calling feature to your CRM system, your employees can –

  • Click-to-call offers easy outbound dialing, without needing to write down phone numbers. This will save time, prevent unnecessary errors and improve the employee experience within your CRM.
  • CallTools operates in the cloud, so there is no installing, updating or maintenance . This also means that there is no need to purchase expensive phone equipment and your employees can be up and running in minutes.
  • Managing customer information in general is easier. Transfer call data to your CRM at the push of a button and display customer data on screen pops during calls.

Getting started is easy and we invite you to explore our low-cost call center solution. No matter what size your business is, our affordable solution offers features that can increase productivity and improve the overall sales experience for your employees and prospects.

See how Call Tools can support your enterprise today!

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