September 4, 2019

Lead Nurturing Strategies Paired With Call Center Software

Better Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing takes potential customers from the beginning stage to the sales stage. Along the way, marketers build relationships by providing information about products and services, helping customers differentiate between product options, and priming customers to spend money. In turn, conversion rates and incoming revenue climb.

6 Lead Nurturing Strategies to Use With Call Tools

Although Call Tools isn’t lead nurturing software, it helps you nurture leads throughout your sales process. Take your lead nurturing to the next level with the following strategies.

1. Nurture Leads With Targeted Content to Increases Sales

Consumers respond differently to various types of lead nurturing content. Blog posts, white papers, and guides all offer value to your leads. However, instead of providing generic content, create targeted content for specific demographics.

Before you create targeted content for lead nurturing, you need to understand your buyer personas. It’s best to develop content that appeals to those personas and use a platform that scales with your increased sales.

Targeted content takes some work, but the results are worth it. According to Forrester Research, delivering the right content to an audience can increase B2B sales by 33%.

As you generate leads with targeted content, funnel them into different campaigns in your CallTools account. Keeping them split by disposition provides a better opportunity to tailor messages specifically to that segment of your database. This focused approach offers a cohesive experience for potential customers.

2. Use Multi-Channel Lead Nurturing Instead of Relying on Email Alone

Email gives marketers an excellent way to nurture leads. If you only rely on email, though, you won’t convert as many people. Marketers that take a multi-channel approach do much better. At best, you can expect about 28% of people to open your marketing emails. Realistically, you probably won’t get an open rate higher than 20%.

Adding other channels to your lead nurturing campaign connects you with more prospective customers. Make your strategies more useful by mixing in social media posts, direct sales outreach, retargeting, and phone calls.

CallTools also offers you the ability to incorporate SMS messaging into your nurturing process. Create cadences for each segment of your database depending on their preferred contact method. These practices give you the best chance of converting as much of your database as possible.

3. Convert More People Into Customers by Expanding Your Outreach Options

Nurturing a lead takes time. The first time you interact with a person, you introduce your company and establishing it as an authority. In some cases, it takes hundreds of impressions before someone feels ready to spend money with your company.

You never really know how many impressions a person will need to become a customer. So, it helps if you do everything possible to expand your outreach options. When you spread your message across multiple platforms, you open yourself to a broader opportunity for leads to find you.

4. Reach Out to Prospects Quickly to Convert Them

The sooner you reach out to prospective customers, the easier it is to convert them. Fast communication has become even more important in recent years. According to a 2018 study, 82% of consumers say that they want immediate responses from marketing and sales representatives. Most of the consumers define “immediate” as “within 10 minutes.”

If you take longer than 10 minutes to connect with someone, then you may lose the sale. Unfortunately, few companies meet these expectations. One report finds that:

  • 62% of companies never respond to customer service emails
  • 40% of company websites don’t have visible email addresses or phone numbers
  • 97% of companies do not follow up on customer satisfaction

CallTools offers multiple ways to reach your leads quickly. Funnel new leads directly into a call campaign and provide screen pop notifications to agents. They can contact a customer right away rather than waiting half a day or longer.

Respond to emails, calls, and social media messages quickly to show consumers that you take their business seriously. If you don’t, then you could lose their support forever.

5. Personalize Your Emails to Get More Responses

When you receive an impersonal email from a business, you likely delete it or mark it as spam. You can be sure that your customers do the same thing.
Instead, personalize your emails to see higher open rates, click-to-open rates, and more responses. Useful ways to personalize your emails include:

  • Including the recipient’s personal information (such as their name) in the subject line
  • A/B testing different subject lines to determine which ones get more responses
  • Address the recipient by name in the email’s content
  • Base the content on previous interactions with the consumer

No one wants to read generic emails; they want personalized content. Personalize your messages to get people interested. Remember, you’re still trying to reach real people.

6. Align Your Sales and Marketing Lead Nurturing Campaigns for Better Results

Your sales and marketing teams need to collaborate to make lead nurturing campaigns more effective. You can’t rely on your sales professionals to do the necessary legwork to reach consumers with useful information. Then again, you can’t expect your marketing team to seal the deal by converting interested people into customers.

Pay attention to each person’s journey to determine when the sales team should step in. It helps to track metrics like website visits, social media interactions, and advertisement views. When a person is primed to buy, send in your sales professionals to close the deal.

Powerful Features To Aid In Lead Nurturing

Call Tools’ inbound and outbound calling software offers email and SMS templates that improve your lead nurturing strategies. Also available are useful features like follow-up reminders and contact lists that keep customer information in one place.

In addition to email templates, follow-up reminders, and contact lists, Call Tools helps you improve lead nurturing with a predictive dialer, click-to-call, preview dialer, web phone, and interactive voice response.

Request a Call Tools demo today and learn how call center software helps you nurture and convert more customers.

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