January 11, 2017

Outbound Call Center Services You Should Be Doing Yourself

Outbound Call Center Services You Should Be Doing Yourself

Outsourcing outbound call center services is now a thing of the past as cloud based software evolves. Before, outbound calls were outsourced to large centers dedicated to quickly and thoroughly running through large lists. This was a cheaper, more effective way to minimize the amount of unqualified leads your sales agents needed to call. Now with the presence of cloud based call center software, this is no longer the case. Instead of using a third-party service for telemarketing or sales dialing, bring your call center in-house to uphold your brand’s reputation while improving agent training and increasing sales.

Lead Generation – Cold & Warm Calling

If you’re in the process of lead generation, or telemarketing, outsourcing this process may seem favorable. Lower costs and less workload might sound tempting. Telemarketing tends to wear agents down over time and dampen their performance, and you’d rather wear out someone else’s agents than your own.

However, when you outsource, you lose the control over agents that you have when they’re in-house. You lack an ability to monitor performance, maintain brand standards or ensure they’re maximizing their productivity. Instead, set your agents up on a cloud based platform. This way you can remotely monitor their calls and performance from a computer or mobile device.

Sales Calls – Dialing Through Hot Leads

Do you trust another company to manage the most important aspect of your sales process? Calling agents are the true money-generators and you need to keep them happy. Forcing them to telemarket wastes their time and energy that should be spent calling only pre-qualified leads. When you outsource this imperative function in your call center, the return to your business can go quickly downward and out of control.

You have no way to measure the reliability of outsourced agents until your returns come back. By then it’s too late to make adjustments to any agents; you’ve already lost your money. You can avoid this predicament by using a cloud based dialer for your outbound call center from the start.

Keep it In-House – Maximize Your Potential

Don’t you want to know what’s going on in your call center? By incorporating cloud based software like CallTools.com, you have the ability to maximize both your agent productivity as well as your profits.

Stay informed with Live Agent Monitoring

Use Live Agent Monitoring to stay on top of training and ensure your employees are upholding your brand’s reputation and standards. Know which agents produce the best results with live reporting and results on your manager dashboard. Use whisper or barge in features to inform agents and eliminate confusion surround deals or offers.

Incentivize agents to perform their best

When it comes to outsourced employees you have no control over their performance; you simply receive performance reports after the fact. By incentivizing their sales, you can encourage agents to give their all. You can encourage employees to stay at the top of their game when they’re working in-house and make changes mid-campaign, unlike with outsourced work.

Manage your dialer settings for increased productivity

Decide whether lists should be recycled or tossed out, don’t leave it up to someone else. Also, when using the wrong dialing type, you run the risk of dropping anywhere from 1-10% of your leads. If your lists are large this adds up to a massive amount of people!

You know all that needs to be known about your industry; why outsource the job and put your trust in the hands of someone else who doesn’t specialize in it? Sure, larger call centers have the ability to quickly run through large lists. On the other hand, neither the manager nor the agents will be as knowledgeable about your product as yourself and your own agents.

No one is more equipped to handle your campaigns than you are. Employ the use of an in-house sales dialer that gives you the control you need to get the best returns.

See how Call Tools can support your enterprise today!

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