August 23, 2017

Minimizing Prospect Impact With a Predictive Dialer

Think of the last call you received from an unknown number: how willing were you to answer the call? What keeps you from wanting to take those calls? Is it the idea of being sold or the technology used to deliver the message?

There are multiple options available for delivering a message on a large scale.

  • Predictive dialing with a team of agents
  • Interactive voice broadcasting message
  • Pre-recorded ringless voicemail message

Depending on the purpose of your message, each carries positives and negatives. If your goal is to broadcast something like a notification about canceling all classes at your high school for the day, voice broadcasting is the best option.

If you run a campaign and you believe the demographic is less likely to answer on the first attempt, using ringless voicemail will help deliver the message directly. Interested prospects have the information necessary to call back and those who are uninterested can simply delete your message.

If you’re working in sales, though, a predictive dialer is the kindest of the three options available. When your prospects answer the phone, it’s better they are greeted by another human being rather than a pre-recorded message.

There are a few different reasons predictive dialing makes for a kinder experience when reaching out to sales prospects.

1. A predictive dialer is the least invasive option.

There is little argument that RVM can potentially leave prospects feeling as though their privacy was invaded. Although there is not much difference between receiving a voicemail with no missed call due to a lapse in cell service, they may be less trustworthy when returning your call.

Due to the general frustration at answering an unknown number, you may see a lower contact ratio when predictive dialing. However, the human-to-human interaction of your agent speaking with a prospect from the start could contribute to higher close rates.

The lack of personal invasion into a voicemail box like with RVM could mean the difference between the prospect’s trust.

2. A real live agent on the other end of the line can answer real questions.

Most prospects will have plenty of questions to ask when they receive a voice broadcast or ringless voicemail message. This may peak their calling you back or it could go in the opposite direction and frustrate them due to the lack of information provided.

When you use a predictive dialer to reach prospects, agents can answer any questions they have immediately and in the moment. There is little time for the prospect to forget the questions they had; the call they are actively on will be fresh in their mind.

3. Answering a call from a predictive dialer leaves no work for the prospect to do.

When a prospect misses a voice broadcasting call or receives a ringless voicemail, they have to copy down your number and call back. Although it might not seem like much to you, the process is tedious to someone who may not be incredibly interested.

However, when you use a predictive dialer and get connected with a prospect, you can work for their attention immediately. You take away the extra step of them needing to return your call and instead come to them. Once you have them on the phone you can start working them towards the close.

Connecting With Prospects Using a Predictive Dialer

Keep these points in mind when deciding the best way to broadcast your sales message to a large group of people. Although running a predictive dialing campaign may require more resources, the benefit of person-to-person interaction can help immensely.

Minimize invasive practice, limit frustration in returning calls, and use a predictive dialer to reach your prospect lists. Using an intelligent predictive dialing solution ensures the maximum amount of touches per hour while still maintaining call consistency, quality control, and customer satisfaction every time.

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