September 11, 2017

Prioritize Calls With Inbound Skill-Based Routing

Ensure that your top agents receive priority on incoming calls with inbound skills-based routing. Set a skill level for each agent and the inbound queue prioritizes the best agents for the phone call. continues its transition from a strictly predictive dialing platform. Hence, we’re moving toward a full-fledged contact center solution with inbound skills-based routing. Combine advanced routing with other available features to run an inbound operation at your company.

As inbound calls arrive, this feature directs them based on each agent’s assigned skill level. Consequently, agents with higher skill levels are the top priority in the queue. This system means your best agents are on the phones first.

If higher-level agents are currently on the line, the calls route to the next available lower-level agent. So, what happens when the system reaches agents with identical skill levels? It sends the conversation to the one who has waited longest for a call.

Maximize customer satisfaction when you prioritize your top performers with skills-based routing. Blending your inbound and outbound portions of your call center simplifies management. continues adding features to broaden the software’s capabilities. What is our goal? We want you to rely more extensively on a single platform for your company.

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