March 17, 2021

Select a Dialer Series: Industries that Benefit from Preview Dialers

Industry Benefits From Preview Dialers

The right telemarketing tools can set up your call center for success. Technological advances make connecting with consumers easier and deliver better results. One of the most important tools is the dialer. You can choose from several types, but you must decide which one works best for your company. Preview dialers are one popular model, but it performs best for certain industries. You need to weigh the pros and cons of this dialer before choosing it for your business.

Benefits of a Preview Dialer

A preview dialer can be a powerful tool for the right call center. Before an agent places a call, the preview dialer will show details about the contact or lead. This feature allows the agent to review relevant data, formulate a sales strategy and save time on asking questions. When the consumer answers the call, the agent is ready to give a smooth presentation tailored to that specific person.

In some instances, your agent may view the information and decide not to dial that number because the lead is not a solid one. If they do not make a timely decision, the dialer will automatically dial or skip that number. Your agent does have significant control over what happens. If the dialer reaches voicemail, they can choose to leave a message or disconnect the call.

A preview dialer works for industries that rely on high-quality interactions. Agents are not dumped into a call after it has already begun. Instead, they hear everything beginning at the phone’s first ring. Since they go into the call with specific contact information, your employees can spend their time selling your service or product instead of gathering basic information.

The consumer is more likely to stay on the line since they do not hear the long and silent pauses created by some other dialer types. The preview dialer works best for longer interactions and those that require more in-depth customer service.

Preview Dialer Drawbacks

Preview dialers give you more information, but they are far slower than other dialer types, including the predictive dialer model. So if your industry’s success relies on high call volume, the preview dialer is not for you. With that model, you’ll reach more clients but potentially close on fewer sales, depending on your industry. In some ways, it is a choice between quality and quantity of calls.

Industries Ideal for Preview Dialers

While many companies outside these industries can benefit from preview dialers, the following industries should definitely use them. Typically, industries that feature high-profit sales, have a precisely targeted demographic, and/or a customer-care focus are where preview dialers shine.


Healthcare call centers process sensitive personal data. They must stay compliant with HIPAA (Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) or face serious federal penalties. In addition, this business is geared towards a high level of customer service. Preview dialers allow agents to view the customer’s data before making calls to patients regarding appointments, checkups, lab results, etc. Your agents are calling patients based on their best information, but these people may have moved, or they share a name with other patients. The preview dialer helps eliminate confusion so that your agents only share personal medical information with the right parties. It protects the patients and your business.

Luxury Sales

Selling high-end jewelry, sports cars and luxury trips are far different from selling extended car warranties or tax services. Some items do not require a customized approach. But consumers of high-cost products or services expect more from these interactions.

Luxury companies focus on high-profit sales and targeted demographics. These customers demand a greater level of customer service, one that a massive cold calling campaign cannot deliver. A preview dialer lets your employees offer a personalized, well-informed approach to prospective clients and not a speedy and generic interaction. Focusing on the needs of the client and how to sell the product is key to your success. Plus, your agents rarely complete these sales in one call. Finalizing the sale usually requires multiple calls and a slower, more thought-out approach, one that a preview dialer allows your staff to take.

Real Estate

Real estate companies need preview dialers in order to impress potential clients and to avoid wasting time. Only a certain percentage of consumers are in the market to buy or lease properties, so these calls are unlikely to be cold calls. Instead, real estate calls are specifically targeted toward qualified leads who have provided detailed data on websites or through in-person store visits. A preview dialer ensures that your agents have the right information before calling a lead. They know if the person is actually in the market for a new home or business and what they type of property they are looking for.

People almost never buy real estate after one or two contacts. The decisions to purchase real estate are drawn out and require multiple, thoughtful calls. Preview dialer industries improve these contacts.

Small Business B2B

Small businesses engaging in business-to-business sales are more customer-facing. The agents directly contact the people in charge of buying your goods and/or services. Because these businesses thrive because of their customer service, the employees must have more information available about their clients.

B2B company agents get and keep business by the impression they make on the client. Simple things like calling the right contact, using their correct name and pitching the right products are essential to success. Other businesses respond well to excellent customer service, but they also have no patience for a bad sales call. Your agents need to be prepared before they dial.


Call centers for colleges have a highly targeted demographic – one that requires intimate knowledge of each student or prospective student. Colleges and universities often fiercely compete over students, so your agents cannot afford to make basic mistakes like using the wrong name or confusing a student aid package. Admissions, financial aid, enrollment and billing agents should all have a student’s information at hand. Also, customer data verification is essential so that your employees do not share sensitive financial and academic information with the wrong person.

A preview dialer helps eliminate mistakes in the educational field. Your agents have the vital information they need before they dial. That way, they do not inadvertently share information with the wrong parties, including the student’s parents. Your clientele has a right to privacy.

Let Preview Dialers Serve Your Business

Not every call center has the same needs, so you need to carefully consider which dialer will work best for your business. Many times, preview dialers can help a business provide more efficient customer service and deliver higher conversion rates. But high volume call centers might not find preview dialers as effective as other types, including the predictive dialer. Do your research before you buy so that you get the best dialer type for your company.

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