August 17, 2016

Can Your Business Benefit from Cloud Software as a Service?

cloud saas benefits

Small and mid-size businesses are using Software as a Service (SaaS) as a way to scale quickly and grow their business without investing in expensive equipment or software licenses. When it comes to calling software, this is ideal because it can keep your entire team connected for less, regardless of location, job duties, or schedule.

What is SaaS?

SaaS is cloud computing, meaning that you access the software and tools that you need through the internet.  This means that anyone in your organization can log into a web-based application to access software, tools and solutions in real-time.

In the case of our SaaS solution, the inbound and outbound calling software allows you to utilize the same robust technology that is available to larger organizations without the upfront cost. In this way, Software as a Service is a great equalizer and can help to level the playing field, giving small and mid-size businesses the tools necessary to compete.

The Economic Benefits of SaaS

All businesses can benefit from cloud computing, whether they have two or two thousand employees.  Since cloud computing and SaaS can be used on-demand, it provides the greatest level of scalability without a significant upfront investment. There are several ways that using SaaS can save your business money.

#1 You will not need your own servers.

If all of your software programs are cloud-based, you will not need an on-site server to run everything.  This will save you the upfront cost of purchasing server equipment along with the daily and annual cost of maintaining it.  Even if you have your own servers already, moving your software to the cloud means that they are not working nearly as hard and should last longer before you need to upgrade.

#2 You won’t need a robust IT department.

Every time that a company deploys a new software, someone from the IT department needs to load the software on every computer. This can take weeks or even months to complete.  With SaaS, the process is incredibly easy. All you need to do is send out an email with a link to the login portal and a video with instructions on how to use the software.  By clicking the send button you can empower your team to utilize a new tool, rather than making them wait weeks for the install.

#3 You pay for what you use.

One of the benefits of SaaS is that you only pay for the software you are using.  There is no need to purchase a license ahead of time which prevents you from paying large, upfront fees.  Each time you add a new employee, you will pay for them to use the service, and not before.

#4 There is no need for expensive equipment.

When using some SaaS, such as our calling software, you do not need to purchase traditional phone equipment for your employees.  All you need to do is provide them with a headset plugged into an inexpensive computer since the system does most of the computing on the server.  This is far more affordable and cuts the cost of your equipment purchases in half.

#5 You are not responsible for maintenance or updates.

With an on-site server, you are responsible for care, upkeep and regular maintenance.  With software as a service, the provider maintains the servers and the software so that you don’t have to worry about it.

Organizations Using SaaS

Businesses and agencies of all sizes are benefiting from the cost savings of switching to Software as a Service.  Instead of needing to purchase and install software on tens or thousands of individual computers, SaaS is immediately available when you need it. Some of the organizations using it are –

Start-Up Companies

Capital is limited when building a company from the ground up.  Simultaneously, it is difficult to understand what the needs of the company may be in six months, let alone five years.  This makes it impractical to invest in software solutions that must be purchased and servers to house them on.  SaaS is an on-demand solution that start-up companies can deploy and then scale, adjust, or scrape as needed.  This allows for flexibility during this season of constant and dynamic change.

Small Businesses

To maximize cash flow and decrease equipment expenditures, many small businesses are choosing to use cloud-based solutions that do not require the installation or maintenance of an on-sight server.  Purchasing a server and the equipment necessary to run and maintain it can be costly.  Additionally, most small businesses do not have in-house IT support, making it necessary to retain the services of a consultant to update or upgrade servers on a regular basis.  Using SaaS eliminates this need and the expenses associated with it.

Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 Companies

Even large organizations are benefiting from the use of Software as a Service.  Typically, the larger the organization, the harder it is to implement a new system.  This inhibits mobility and can limit the number of innovative solutions a company can utilize.  SaaS has changed this completely. Now a company with thousands of employees can send out a blast email with the link to a new online solution and a YouTube video explaining how to use it.  This allows large organizations to benefit from the same level of flexibility and nimbleness that is typically associated with small businesses and start-ups.

Government Agencies

Budgetary constraints have forced many government agencies to identify ways to save money.  Reducing the number of software programs being ran on internal servers is one of the ways that they are doing so.  Using cloud SaaS relieves space on internal servers, freeing them up for the processing of software that is required to be kept in-house.  It is also less expensive for a large government agency to have employees login to an online software than it is to purchase individual licenses and have IT support spend time installing new software on each individual computer.

Non-Profit Organizations

By reducing or limiting expenses, non-profit organizations can cause donations to stretch further.  Preventing the need to purchase or maintain an on-site server is one way that they can do so.  With scalability, easy access, and built-in maintenance, SaaS solutions are ideal for non-profits.

SaaS Can Give Your Business a Competitive Edge

Take advantage of cloud-based solutions that enable your team to connect with each other and with your customers.  Our cloud based dialer provides real-time access and immediate analytics so that you can stay informed, improve performance, and get results.

See how Call Tools can support your enterprise today!

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