March 18, 2020

Top Benefits of Using a Predictive Dialer in Your Call Center

Benefits of Using a Predictive Dialer

If your company relies on cold calling to make sales, you need a predictive dialer that will improve efficiency and help increase conversions. Without a predictive dialer, you can’t keep up with your competitors.

Once you learn the following six benefits of predictive dialers, you’ll understand why they’ve become so important to modern call centers.

Intelligent Call Assignment

Intelligent call assignment makes all the difference to your call center’s productivity and conversion rates.

When you have printed lead sheets, your employees may get duplicate numbers. Calling the same number more than once wastes time and increases the risk that you will annoy potential customers.

Intelligent call assignment takes the guesswork out of dialing. The predictive dialer has access to all of the numbers that you want your center to call today. As each call gets completed, the number gets removed from that day’s lead sheet. You never have to worry about duplicate calls.

A predictive dialer’s intelligent call assignment feature goes a step further by dialing leads before your agent gets on the line. The software pays attention to your agents to recognize when they near the end of a call. A few seconds before the current call ends, the predictive dialer contacts the next lead on the list. That way, the call is ready to go as soon as your agent hangs up.

Perfect for Blended Call Centers

Predictive dialers are perfect for placing outgoing calls, but they also work great in blended call centers where agents receive incoming calls from customers.

When people reach out to your organization, they get put into a queue. As soon as an agent is available, the system directs the call from the queue to the next available agent. It happens so quickly that it’s practically instant.

As long as you train your employees to place and receive calls, you can improve efficiency in a blended call center. When each person knows both sides of the job, you never have an agent sitting without something to do.

Integrated Organization and Database Management

The best predictive dialers can integrate with your existing customer relationship management (CRM) and database apps. This unlocks hidden potential in your leads and makes it easier for your call agents to convert them.

Some popular CRMs that predictive dialers integrate with include:

Integrating with a CRM also gives your call agents crucial information such as:

  • Previous interactions with a person.
  • A caller’s purchase history.
  • A caller’s location.
  • Demographics.

The more your agents know about their leads, the more opportunities they get to increase sales.

Increased Agent Efficiency

A predictive dialer makes your call center’s agent much more efficient by eliminating repetitive tasks. Without a predictive dialer, your employees have to spend a lot of time looking up phone numbers, dialing the numbers, and reading information about their leads so they can pitch to potential customers.

Each of these steps only takes a small amount of time. Over the course of a day, though, they can add up to hours of lost productivity.

With a predictive dialer, numbers get accessed and dialed automatically. That way, your employees become more efficient and can focus on converting leads.

Reduced Operational Costs

Running a call center without contemporary software costs a lot of money. An aging center may require an infrastructure that includes dozens of landlines and a PBX setup.

If your business doesn’t make or receive many calls, you could hire an operator trained to distribute calls to the right agents. It’s challenging to find someone who already knows how to do that job well, though. Plus, you have to add another person to your payroll.

A predictive dialer eliminates unnecessary expenses by using your existing computer network. As long as you choose a cloud-based predictive dialer, you don’t have to purchase new hardware. You already have everything you need to transform the way your call center functions.

Improved Compliance

The Federal Trade Commission has several rules that call centers must follow. The standards help protect consumers from annoying calls and scams. They usually don’t prevent legitimate businesses from calling their customers, but there are situations you shouldn’t call a blocked number.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult for employees to keep up with growing lists of numbers they can’t call. A predictive dial, however, can access a database that excludes blocked phone numbers. When you take human error out of the equation, you improve your call center’s ability to comply with the law. That not only helps protect your reputation but makes it easier to avoid expensive fines that could total millions of dollars.

Looking for an advanced, user-friendly predictive dialer that fits into your call center’s budget? Reach out to Call Tools to chat with a representative who can help you choose an option that’s just right for your business.

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