May 3, 2017

Why Should You Use Predictive Dialing?

Why Do You Need a Predictive Dialer

Are you looking to dial through thousands of leads at lightning speed? Predictive dialing may be the solution you seek. With a predictive dialer, you can boost your dialing rates by 500% as it effectively and efficiently handles massive amounts of leads at once. Hassle- and worry-free predictive dialing manages your center’s dialing speed for you. This gives you more time to work on other pressing business matters.

Why use a predictive dialer?

When you use a predictive dialer in your call center, you virtually eliminate all agent downtime. With predictive dialing, agents experience only 5% downtime, compared to the 33% downtime of hand dialing. Your call center can maximize the volume of calls made per hour, increasing the number of qualified leads passed to your sales team.

A predictive dialer also helps you dial smarter. While a power dialer gives you more control by allowing you to select the speed, a predictive dialer makes the most logical decision for your agents. When you’re trying to reach the greatest amount of prospects in the least amount of time, a predictive dialer is the best option for you.

What is a predictive dialer?

The strength of a predictive dialer lies in the algorithm it uses to determine dialing speed. The algorithm gathers data on past calls, such as length of talk time and amount of dials needed to receive a live call. It then takes these data and determines the appropriate amount of channels to dial at once.

Using data it gathers on the length of talk time, the predictive dialer predicts when the call will be over. It begins dialing when it feels the agent will be off the phone soon. Then by the time your agent is finished with their current call, the predictive dialer has the next live call ready.

Productivity increases because agents are on the phone for nearly the entire hour. Though you sacrifice control, you make up for it in the number of calls made each day.

Who can use a predictive dialer?

Predictive dialing works best with four or more agents. When multiple people answer at once, having more agents allows for more overflow. Lower your abandoned call rate by using a predictive dialer with at least four people on the phones.

Along with a lower chance of abandonment, the predictive dialer software can gather more data when more agents use it. The greater the number of agents on the dialer, the greater the amount of data it collects. Using a predictive dialer with at least four agents maximizes its efficiency.

What can make predictive dialing even more useful?

When you combine the capability of a predictive dialer with powerful management tools, your team becomes unstoppable. Real Time Reporting and Live Agent Monitoring help you keep an eye on your agents from your desk. Observe campaign statistics in real-time to ensure both individual agents and your call center as a whole meet their daily goals.

Using these tools together unifies your team and keeps everyone on task. While you manage the back end of the dialing, leave the rest to your predictive dialing solution.

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