April 5, 2017

Why Should You Use Preview Dialing?

What is Preview Dialing?

Preview dialing puts the control of dialing back into your hands. Using a predictive or power dialer removes some of your control as the dialer handles the dialing for you. When you use a preview dialer, you determine which leads to call and which leads to skip. With the speed and capabilities of predictive and power dialing, why is the slow pace of a preview dialer preferable in certain situations?

Preview dialing works best when you have a list of hot leads who have been guided down your sales funnel. When you are not willing to lose any of the leads you have, preview dialing should be used. There are multiple factors that make preview dialing the best option for your high-caliber sales teams.

1. Know the lead or customer before you call.

A preview dialer provides a screen pop with all the information gathered on a lead so far. Every disposition and customer note is located within the screen pop, providing valuable insight before the call. You or your agents review this information before deciding whether or not to dial out.

Rather than answering calls blindly like on a predictive or power dialer, your agents enter the call more informed and prepared. Armed with the necessary helpful information before the call is even dialed, you and your agents will know what you need to do to close the deal.

2. No more abandoned calls.

There is no chance of an abandoned call when using preview dialing, essentially eliminating your abandonment rate. Since you or your agents dial leads one at a time, there will always be someone to answer when the customer says, “Hello?”. There is an increased amount of downtime when using preview dialing but it makes up for it in the amount of customers reached.

Though preview dialing is slower, the lowered risk of abandoned calls makes it favorable in certain situations. When you have a list of hot leads and do not want to drop any of them, connecting with each one is a requirement. By dropping your chance of abandoning calls you guarantee the best chance of reaching your leads.

3. Provide individualized attention to each call.

If you and your agents are hand selecting which leads to call at which time, you can ensure individualized attention in each call. On the other hand, when agents are mass dialing on a predictive or power dialer, focused on quantity over quality, it’s difficult to provide this catered approach. With the dialer dialing multiple lines at a time there is a pressure to get off the phone as quickly as possible.

When you and your agents are dialing each lead individually, with detailed information available before each call, you can get to a deeper level. This personalized approach will be noted by leads and they will be more likely to work with you.

Should you always use preview dialing?

This is not to say that preview dialing is the best option in every situation. When you have a brand new list that needs an initial dial-through, preview dialing is an extremely inefficient way to go about it. It will take too much time to connect with leads if you dial one by one; instead, use a predictive or power dialer, built for speed and efficiency.

However, once you have run a list through a predictive or power dialer and have come out with a solid list of prospective customers, turn the list over to the care of a preview dialer. Take back control, lose the abandoned calls, and keep informed before calling.

Ensure you keep an eye on agents during the post-call period because you don’t want them to overthink the previous call. Using features like Live Agent Monitoring and Real Time Reporting can help you maximize agent efficiency while they use a preview dialer. You don’t need to sacrifice consistency and reach for control and precision with the CallTools.com platform.

When you couple preview dialing with powerful reporting and monitoring tools, your agents become an unstoppable closing workforce. Equip your center with the best offering available to raise profits margins and close the gap between you and your customers.

See how Call Tools can support your enterprise today!

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