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Stick with your current CRM when you sign up with Push contact information and updates straight to your current contact management system. Our software integrates with major third-party CRMs to ensure a seamless transition with no lost data.

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SMS Enabled

Maximize customer engagement by meeting them on the channel they prefer. With a nearly 98% open rate, SMS messages are easily the best way to stay in contact. Send and receive text messages from within the platform.

3 Dialing Modes

Choose from predictive, power, or preview dialing, depending on your approach. Whether you agents are pre-qualifying prospects, setting appointments, or building relationships with current clients, equip them with the dialer they need to succeed.

Live Agent Monitoring

Monitor agent performance without ever leaving your desk. Live Agent Monitoring displays every active agent and their status (available, on call, on break, or on lunch). Managers can listen in on live calls, whisper to agents, or barge in entirely and take over calls.

Web Phone

No more switching between programs; simplify the dialing process to maximize your contact ratios. The integrated web phone cuts out the need for a third-party dialing software. Every agent can make and take calls from the web phone built into their dashboard.

Smart Redial Rules

Maximize contact ratios by maintaining consistent contact with prospects and customers. Redial rules automatically place contacts back into the dialing queue when they meet selected criteria. Rather than recycling an entire list, manage relationships one-by-one.

Real-Time Reporting

Stay in-the-know and up-to-date in real time with Real Time Reporting. Detailed calling statistics display visually and numerically in a dedicated reporting section. Oversee daily performance to make sure agents are on track and in line with company goals.