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Increase the performance of every agent with the CallTools Power Contact Center. An all-in-one dialing solution that fits every sized business seeking competitive pricing, increased speeds and improved functionality. Get instant access to your dialer with an in-house support team who will assist with training and continued learning.


  • $$$
  • 6 Channels
  • Pay Per Minute
  • Lengthy Onboarding
  • Auto Dialer
  • API, Zapier
  • Web Based
  • $
  • 30 Channels
  • Minutes Included
  • Instant Access
  • Auto Dialer
  • API, Zapier
  • Web Based

We Integrate with Industry Leaders

Active Prospects
Google Sheets
Microsoft Dynamics
Click Funnels
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CallTools Features Our Customers Love

As our customers needs change, so does our software. We are constantly striving to provide the most sophisticated features for outbound and inbound dialing, including call management tools built for successful dialing.

  • Outbound Call Center
  • Inbound Call Center
  • Call Management Tools
  • CRM, SMS & Email

Unmatched Outbound Dialing Software

The CallTools Power Contact Center was designed to make campaign management easy while keeping agents running at the fastest speed possible. Campaign settings allow managers to keep control over everything, protecting your reputation when dialing, while also keeping calls answered. Improved contact management allows for custom call suppression that creates a better calling environment for agents.

  • Intelligent Dialing Algorithms
  • SMS & Email with Templates
  • Integrations, APIs & Webhooks
  • Contact Management Built-In

Intelligent Inbound Calling Software

Inbound calls are a natural part of your call center, so it is important they are intuitively designed into your call center software. The Power Contact Center by CallTools was designed with inbound capabilities in mind, pausing agents when they are busy and routing calls with failovers for safer, more compliant dialing. Queue prioritizations allow you to distribute accordingly through multiple distribution options.

  • Compliments Outbound
  • Smart Call Distribution
  • Advanced IVR System
  • Rule-Based Queues

Call Management is a Necessity

Improving agent interactions and increasing the longevity of your campaigns, the Power Contact Center is built around better call management. From the beginning to end, your campaigns are built to manage calls for success. Engaging with contacts is easier than ever with the ability to create call lists from contacts manually or through rules. Sales funnels put potentially valuable calls back on track based on your custom settings.

  • Built in CRM Software
  • Dynamic Call List Creation
  • Engagement Boosting
  • Call Suppression Rules

Improve Contact Engagement

The Power Contact Center manages your contacts to avoid engaging too often. Our all-in-one solution integrates calls with SMS and email, at the contact level, to avoid confusion. Redialing options can increase engagement while custom suppression rules alleviate over engagement while accounting for SMS and email activities. Elevate your dialing campaigns with a CRM built around engagement.

  • Reduce Manual Tasks
  • Speed Up Processes
  • Automate Responses
  • Increase Engagement
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