Intelligent Inbound Calling Software

A robust system of queues fully integrated with your dialing campaigns.

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Compliments Outbound

Compliments Outbound

Smart Call Distribution

Smart Call Distribution

Advanced IVR System

Advanced IVR System

Rule-Based Queues

Rule-Based Queues

Inbound Callers

Keep Inbound Callers Happy While Helping Agents

Inbound calls are a natural part of your call center, so it is important they are intuitively designed into your call center software. The Power Contact Center by CallTools was designed with inbound capabilities in mind, pausing agents when they are busy and routing calls with failovers for safer, more compliant dialing. Queue prioritizations allow you to distribute accordingly through multiple distribution options.

Streamlined Inbound and Outbound Capabilities

A more fluid approach to inbound allows your team to quickly pivot tasks. Campaigns work with inbound queues to give agents strategic breaks between calls. Scripts and announcements attached to queues prepare agents for a more streamlined cadence change, creating a better calling experience. See some of the inbound calling features that help create successful interactions with agents.

Inbound & Outbound Capabilities

Inbound Features and Functionality

Call Distribution

Ring All at Once and 5 Types of Round Robin Distribution

Round robin can distribute calls randomly, circular, linear, based on longest wait time or fewest calls. You can also send calls to all agents in a queue at once.

Custom IVR

Send to Voicemail, Internal/External Forwarding or Ring Groups

A customizable interactive voice response allows calls to be sent to voicemail, forwarded internally, externally and to groups of agents.

Custom Queues

Queue Prioritization, Failover Destinations & Call Recording

Create custom inbound queues that can be prioritized for importance with failover destinations and call recording for improved customer service.

Easing Inbound

Agent Scripts, Preconnect Announcements and First Caller Announcements

Ease agents and customers into inbound calls for improved success with agent scripts, preconnect messages and head of queue announcements.

Connection Optimization

Connect Delays, Agent Timeouts and Queue Timeouts

Optimize how agents connect to inbound calls with customizable delays and timeouts that can get calls answered exactly how you want them.

Waiting Features

Callback Queues, Break Out IVR, Position and Hold Time Announcements

Improve consumer wait times with queues designed for callbacks, break out IVRs for added support and messages announcing position or hold time.

Waiting Options

Announcement Frequency, Position Limits and Hold Music

Customize the waiting process by changing how frequent messages are heard, limiting available positions and playing hold music.

Time Conditions

Agent Availability Based on Day, Week, or Month and Time Zone

Advanced routing features allow calls to agents, queues and more to be re-routed based on availability set by a manager in advance with scheduling.

Power Contact Center

The CallTools Power Contact Center

A Manageable Approach to Contact Center Software

Maximize agent productivity at your call center with a solution that manages your calls for success from beginning to end. Better campaigns start with improved contact management, smarter calling lists, redundant redial rules and abundant automations.

Lower the chance of blocked calls with suppression rules designed to alleviate disruptive calling behaviors automatically. Protect your reputation with caller ID auditing, allowing you to swap out bad caller IDs quickly.