Unmatched Outbound Dialing Software

A versatile system for managing thriving outbound dialing campaigns.

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Intelligent Dialing Algorithms

Intelligent Dialing Algorithms

SMS & Email with Templates

SMS & Email with Templates

Integrations, APIs & Webhooks

Integrations, APIs & Webhooks

Contact Management Built-In

Contact Management Built-In

Manage Agents

Happily Manage Agents to Keep Them Productive

The CallTools Power Contact Center was designed to make campaign management easy while keeping agents running at the fastest speed possible. Campaign settings allow managers to keep control over everything, protecting your reputation when dialing, while also keeping calls answered. Improved contact management allows for custom call suppression that creates a better calling environment for agents.

Successful Campaigns Through Improved Dialing

A more fluid approach to inbound allows your team to quickly pivot tasks. Campaigns work with inbound queues to give agents strategic breaks between calls. Scripts and announcements attached to queues prepare agents for a more streamlined cadence change, creating a better calling experience. See some of the inbound calling features that help create successful interactions with agents.

Successful Campaigns

Campaign Features and Functionality

Dialing Options

Predictive, power and preview dialing

Dial based on an algorithm for efficiency, set your speed for power or preview dial for precision.

Contact Targeting

Live filters, buckets and sales funnels

Create live filters for rule based contact segmenting, add contacts to call buckets for quick dialing and sales funnels will retarget important calls.

Agent Features

Scripts, call recording, call coaching/whispers

Agent scripts can be set per campaign to keep sales and service on track while call recording and call coaching/whispers make training easy.

Call Suppression

DNC, federal DNC, mobile and custom rules

Modern call management can get hectic, call suppression makes it easy to stop calls to the DNC, mobile or even custom settings like last call time, disposition, etc.

Call Options

Variable call speeds, caller ID management, answering machine detection

Optimizing calling through multiple dialing speeds, caller ID management improves answer rates while answering machine detection reduces wait times.

Advanced Options

Ring timer, abandoned call routing

Advanced call features allow you to set ring timers for quick call shifts and abandoned call routing to lower abandonment rates.

Power Contact Center

The CallTools Power Contact Center

A Manageable Approach to Contact Center Software

Maximize agent productivity at your call center with a solution that manages your calls for success from beginning to end. Better campaigns start with improved contact management, smarter calling lists, redundant redial rules and abundant automations.

Lower the chance of blocked calls with suppression rules designed to alleviate disruptive calling behaviors automatically. Protect your reputation with caller ID auditing, allowing you to swap out bad caller IDs quickly.