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Lead your industry using the top tools for your business. Switch to the dialer built with speed, precision, consistency, and sales at the forefront. The Predictive, Power, and Preview dialing platform from CallTools.com excels your workforce to the next level. If you’re at the top and feel there’s no reason to change your software, you need to experience the difference.

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Make 30x More Calls
Make 30x More Calls
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99.99% Uptime
Crystal Clear Call Quality
Crystal Clear Call Quality

3 Different Dialing Modes To Fit Every Need

Intelligent Dialing

Predictive Dialer


Speed your telemarketers through large lists in no time. Agent downtime is a thing of the past with 30 channel capability per line. The Predictive Dialer’s algorithm determines the best dialing speed for your team and makes adjustments when necessary. With the intelligence it gathers, the dialer does the decision-making for you, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

Precision Dialing

Preview Dialer


When you need to dial with intent and have the close on your mind, it is time to use the Preview Dialer. Lead information, including the disposition and previous notes, load in a screen pop. Agents click-to-call leads they want to reach and the dialer calls only that lead. Preview Dialing requires the most attention but provides the best returns when used for high-quality leads.

Speed Dialing

Power Dialer


Contact lists of pre-qualified leads quickly with even just a few agents. The Power Dialer boasts 30 channel capability, connecting your agents to a live call every time. Once the call is connected the dialer shuts off to avoid missed opportunities. You select a speed to dial at and it pushes the same amount of channels until you change the settings.

Maximize Call Volume & Answer Rates, Eliminate Agent Downtime

Dial the largest amount of customers in the shortest amount of time with 30 channel capability.

Huge Features Help Exceed Your Potential

Predictive Dialer
List Management List Management

Control your data. Manage campaigns and list recycling within settings. Set redial rules to determine which contacts to call when. List scrubbing for mobile and Federal Do Not Call numbers is also included.

Live Agent Monitoring Live Agent Monitoring

Rather than waiting for call recordings, monitor agent performance in real time with Live Agent Monitoring. Managers can check agent status, Listen in on live calls, Whisper to an agent, or Barge in on calls.

In-Depth Reports In-Depth Reporting & Analytics

Call logs return details for each call, including number, information gathered, and talk time. Data reporting in both visual and numerical form is available on manager and agent dashboards.

Call Recording Call Recording

Train properly and maintain quality control with Call Recording. Recordings are accessed in your call logs where they are stored for 30 days. Call recordings can also be downloaded to save for future use.

100% Cloud Based 100% Cloud Based

Cloud based software means no-hassle setup, minimal hardware, and automatic updates. Your contact software will be up at all times, ready for your agents to begin dialing. Also access statistics on your phone.

Scalable One-Click Scalablity

Add agents on the fly as your business continues to grow with no difficulty. Cloud based software grows quickly with your business. Once they are part of the team they just log in and begin dialing.

3 Dialing Modes 3 Dialing Modes

Dial smart with Predictive, Power, and Preview dialing, all on the same platform. Each offers different speeds and settings to help you whether you are a telemarketing team or a powerhouse sales force.

Full Control Full Control

Decide whether to use Predictive, Power, or Preview dialing. Manage agents from the manager dashboard. Keep an eye on overall and individual statistics. With CallTools.com, you are in full control.

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