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Predictive Dialer

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  • What is a predictive dialer?
  • What makes predictive dialing so powerful?
  • Consolidate your employees
  • Save time & money
Predictive Dialer

What is a Predictive Dialer?

Maximize Productivity with Increased Talk Time

A predictive dialer uses an algorithm to increase your agents’ efficiency. Sometimes incorrectly referred to as a power or auto dialer, it enables agents to reach more customers or prospects in less time.

You need predictive dialing software if you aim to grow your revenue and take your campaigns to the next level. You don’t need any heavy equipment with our cloud-based solution. All you need is a headset and a computer to begin dialing from anywhere in the world. The hosted outbound dialer calls through your list and transfers live calls to awaiting agents. No more listening to voicemails or wasting time on dead numbers – the software & skips all these for you.

Predictive Dialer

What makes predictive dialing so powerful?

The Difference Between Preview, Power, and Predictive Dialing Software

Predictive dialing is one of the most powerful features within our fully-loaded contact center software. It functions best when used as cold calling software, helping your agents speed through massive lists of leads.

Auto and power dialing simply dials through a set amount of numbers to connect agents to live calls. On the other hand, predictive uses an algorithm to ensure maximum efficiency. Using call metrics and data, the dialer predicts how many numbers to dial at once and when to dial, keeping agents on the phone at all times.

Predictive Dialer

Consolidate your employees

All Agents on One Virtual Contact System

When you use’s predictive dialer, you can have agents located anywhere in the world. Whether working from the office, at home, or across the country, the software keeps all agents connected. If you want to generate more sales or appointments, or diversify your sales times, do what contact centers have done for years.

The dialer automatically transfers live calls to your agents, regardless of their location. This gives agents more time to spend closing sales and helping customers, rather than dialing by hand. Management can track the team’s results using call recordings and real-time metrics including:

  • Number of Calls an Agent Took
  • Length of Time Agents Were On Calls
  • Call Dispositions
Predictive Dialer

Save time & money

Increase Call Volume & Contact Ratios

A hosted predictive dialer makes your company more profitable by eliminating wasted time on the phone. Stop waiting for someone to answer and never leave another manual voicemail again. Payroll expenses are one of the largest expenses companies have. By increasing talk time, agents work more in less time and make payroll worth every penny. Allow your agents to focus on closing sales, setting appointments and connecting with prospects while easily keeping track of calls. Keep them on the phone with prospects who need your services.

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